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This page has templates that can be copied and imported freely into other wikis for use by beginner MediaWiki Users, and instructions for how to import/export templates.

How 2 import/export templates[edit | edit source]

For very simple templates, like the ones included on The Free Template Repository page, copying them is as easy as typing the template name in the URL bar on your own wiki and copy pasting the page source to your new template page.

However, this does not work for all templates on all wikis. Many templates on sites like Wikipedia have several related templates in multiple parts used to make other templates, so just copying the one template would leave its functionality broken and unfinished.

To remedy this, do the following:

  • Go to Special:SpecialPages of the wiki you wish to copy templates from, then find the "Special:Export (Export Pages) option.
  • Here, add the names of all the templates you wish to copy, making sure their names are prefaced by "Template:"
  • Next, make sure the "include templates" option is checked, so any related templates will be bundled as well.
  • You will then be able to click save, and you'll get an XML file with something like "Wiki20130809.xml as the filename, which you you save to your hard drive/USB drive/desktop, etc.
  • Go to Special:SpecialPages of the wiki you wish to copy templates to, then find the "Special:Import (Import Pages) option.
  • Select the XML file you saved from the other wiki, then click the "Upload file" button. If successful, you will be shown a list of the imported pages. (Note: You must have administrator rights to import templates in this manner on the wiki you wish to import to)

Freely Available Templates[edit | edit source]

The templates available in the below link are freely available templates submitted to the MediaWiki Beginners Wiki with no conditions on their use or redistribution.

Links to Template Resources[edit | edit source]

  • Wikia Templates Wiki - Despite the fact it says it's a wiki for templates for use with Wikia, the templates on this wiki are good for beginners to use and easily usable on any MediaWiki installation.