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This page details our policies for making contributions to the MediaWiki Beginners Wiki.

General Policies

  • Remember, this wiki is public domain. All content submitted is not protected by any license and may be reused and submitted elsewhere, so do not submit anything that is not public domain material, be it text or images.
  • We believe in good faith. As long as your edits are constructive, we will not regard you any differently than any other editor.
  • If you have a question, feel free to contact the site administrator or another user for help.
  • Be civil. No hate speech, trolling, racism, vandalism, or illegal content will be tolerated, and may result in a block from editing.
  • This wiki has a "constructive point of view". We do not prejudice any other wiki, user, entity, etc, but we do encourage all users to make their edits as helpful as possible, with the intent of helping beginners to MediaWiki understand more about the software in the simplest terms possible.
  • Please, keep your language simple to understand when and where possible. Many people new to MediaWiki may not understand the more complex terms associated with the program, like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or parser hooks or any other related terminology, so if you must give technical advice, make it as simple to understand as possible and please provide links for more in-depth information if the topic you are posting about needs it.
  • ShoutWiki's policies will be honored to the letter on this wiki. They were gracious enough to provide server space and technical support for this wiki to exist, so I intend to make sure their site policies are honored to the best of my ability, and if any of my site policies conflict with theirs, their rules supersede mine in those cases without question.