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Welcome to the MediaWiki Beginners Wiki!

A wiki for the MediaWiki beginner!

Where to begin for MediaWiki Beginners

The following links have information useful to MediaWiki beginners:

  • What Is MediaWiki? - A basic introduction to MediaWiki for the MediaWiki beginner.
    • Manual Of Style - This is our official policy page on submitting content to the MediaWiki Beginners Wiki.

Recommended Links

These links are good for MediaWiki beginners:

  • - Where to download the MediaWiki software.
  • WikiApiary - This is a website that collects technical statistics about wikis, such as their skins, extensions, backend software, and so on. A very good website if you want to follow the technical details of wiki operation.
  • WikiMatrix - This wiki (which does not run MediaWiki) is a good website to compare the features of MediaWiki to other wikis.
  • WikiIndex - This is a wiki about wikis of all types. Highly recommended if you want to find a good wiki, either for whatever information you need, or if you simply want to crib notes on a wiki's style for use on your own.

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