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User Merge And Delete

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User Merge And Delete is an extension that allows for the merging of one account into another, transferring all of its edits and and other information to the other account, then it deletes the original account.

This extension has many uses, with the most notable below:

  • Anti-sockpuppetry: Let's say someone created more than one account, and you don't want users to have multiple accounts. This will allow you to merge the sockpuppet accounts into the "real" account.
  • Cleaning the user list: You may have a bunch of inactive users, a bunch of spam accounts that have flooded your wiki, or you have some test accounts lying around that are cluttering up your user list, and that bothers you. You can use this extension to merge those accounts you don't want into a "dummy" account, which will reduce the clutter considerably.

This extension does a lot of work that would be rather tedious to pull off via manual tinkering with the wiki database (not a task for an amateur, not to mention it's insanely boring) and makes it almost ridiculously easy.

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